How to Structure the Business Plan of your Startup?

A business plan should essentially cover three aspects – what are you going to do, how are you going to do it and how will you make money. Watch as Prajakt Raut highlights the key components of a good business plan.

Role of PR and Marketing in Acquiring Customers?

How important is the role of PR and Marketing in acquiring customers? Tune in as Prajakt Raut discusses how you can plan your PR and Marketing roadmap.

How to build a startup without angel or VC investments

A lot of entrepreneurs think they need piles of money to make their startup a success, but that’s not always the case.

Know your Speaker:
Shiven Malhotra, Angel investor & mentor for startups
Shiven’s career has spanned three continents having worked with KPMG auditing technology in the US, in Goldman Sachs’s stock trading desk in the UK and in India as part of the start-up team for Kotak Commodities trading desk.

Shiven was born and raised in New Delhi. He finished his schooling from the The Doon School and then studied Economics at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Shiven is also a semi-professional photographer and an avid trekker. His big plan for the future is to trek to the Everest base camp.

Finding the right o-founders – Teaming up for start up success

Choosing a co-founder is the most important decision you will make when starting your company. Your co-founder(s) will be like your spouse – you will spend most of your time every day with them‚ and you will need to agree with them on all the big decisions. Having a co-founder can certainly be a big advantage‚ in terms of vetting ideas and offloading the work. However finding a co – founder may be a complicated issue. Agreeing on the terms and conditions of partnerships‚ exit strategies and compensations from the beginning‚ improves the understanding of what is expected of each party. So how do you go about finding the right one?


Selling to enterprises – large and small

The first sale never easy. Selling is about building long-lasting‚ mutually beneficial relationships and often proves tricky for start-ups. This session will give you insight on how your start-up can land giant‚ fat accounts that will launch your business into the big leagues and at the same time standout in a crowded marketplace.


How to build a startup without angel or VC investments?

A recording of webinar hosted by Virtual Learning Center of The Hatch Institute on Sept 20, 2012.

About the session
A lot of entrepreneurs think they need piles of money to make their startup a success, but that’s not always the case.

Webinar by The Hatch Institute on MVP – Manish Singhal

According to Start up Genome report‚ almost half the start–ups do not celebrate their first birthdays. Once they are past that hurdle‚ almost 90% of the ventures fail while scaling up!

As an entrepreneur, with limited time & resources at your hand‚ you feel like a pilot trying to take off before you outrun the runway! You have to find who you are as a business & who your customer is quickly and with minimal investments. That is what will give you a significant advantage in the marketplace.

This webinar explores how to use MVP (Minimum Viable Products) as a strategy to ensure your venture’s smooth and safe take–off!

Take aways from the workshop :
1. Concept of MVPs
2. How to apply MVP strategy on your business
3. Fine Tune your MVPs



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