How important is it for an entrepreneur to be passionate about the domain?

In the context of entrepreneurship, passion is not about ‘This is my hobby” kind of passion. It is about “I am excited enough about the domain to consider committing my current life in building a business around it. I like doing what is involved in doing the business, around this concept”.

Passion or rather deep interest is important because every business will go through its challenges. If an entrepreneur is not passionate about a particular domain, and its potential to create wealth through a venture in that domain, investors are vary that the person may give up at the first signs of serious challenges.

On the other hand, someone who is committed to a domain because of an underlying passion/interest is more likely to survive the rough times.

What career should I take if I want to be an entrepreneur?

If you are clear that you want to be an entrepreneur, I would recommend you to take up a sales job. Any company, any where… take a job that requires you to go out in the field, meet customers, pitch your product, negotiate and sell.

Selling teaches you many things about the practicalities of business life. Rejection by customers teaches you to be modest about your assumptions on conversions. Dealing with rejection teaches you to deal with failure and challenges.